Official website of Lords of Gravity acrobatic basketball slam dunk show team.


After 15 years of competitive jump rope, holding 2 world records and winning World and European Jump Rope Championships several times being selected to be an artist of Cirque du Soleil – having performed in New York City and touring North America for a while, she was offered to accept a new challenge in 2011, to perform her solo number in the most well-known American TV studios.

Her rope skipping routine is perfectly choreographed with the music; high speed, manipulations, vigorous footwork, rope releases combined with spectacular multiple unders and acrobatic elements.

Energetic, joyful and fascinating, raising the atmosphere of any type of event.

With her jump rope performance, she reveals the endless possibilities of how to use a simple tool in the most creative and fun way, as an inspiration for all ages.

She is not only a performer, she often gives workshops all over the world, to children, adults, athletes, and future rope skippers, to help them find a great way to keep fit, improve their concentration, coordination, and to discover some of the most creative and effective ways of exercising.