Official website of Lords of Gravity acrobatic basketball slam dunk show team.


Lords of Gravity performs an extremely spectacular and innovative basketball slam dunk show,  demonstrating high-flying acrobatic moves while precisely passing the ball to each other at the most unexpected times.

Our team is not only focusing on performing the most difficult acrobatic tricks but also on presenting a perfectly choreopraphed entertainment program for different types of audiences – young and old, families and individuals, sport fans and corporate guests.

Lords of Gravity’s acrodunking basketball show will bring smile on your face. Our team provides high-quality basketball shows worldwide and enjoys experiencing new culture and meeting new people along the way.

Our shows can appear at streetball and basketball festivals, gala events, on sport days, in shopping centers and theme parks, in hotels and trade fairs, we often do commercials, promotions and tv shows as well, we are always ready to adapt our shows to different locations and expectations.

Please visit the videos section to watch one of our previous performances and the gallery for photos.