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Grand Slam Red or Black? Tutto o Niente TV Show

Few weeks ago we recorded Grand Slam challenge for the “Red or Black?” TV show produced by SyCo (Simon Cowell) and Freemantle Media UK. The show was broadcasted on RAI1 channel on Friday 8th March 2013 in Italy viewed by millions of people. The show is about playing games and each game has one outcome. In each round, contestants choose red or black (rosso o nero), with those that choose the incorrect colour being eliminated. If you chose it right you will go to the next round, one step closer to win 150,000 EURO in the Italian version of this TV show. In the original UK version it was 1 million pounds (1,5 million dollars). There are totally 10 games. Whilst most rounds varied, there were two standard rounds in each live final; “Duel” where the final two contestants went head to head, and the final round where the winner chose a colour on a giant wheel similar to that used in roulette. They spin it and if the ball goes in to the right colour, then you are the lucky winner! Its simple is that!

We did the “Grand Slam” game using a large trampoline, a basketball and a basketball goal. The big question was: “Who will dunk the farthest? Will it be Red or will it be Black?”. It was a tough and spectacular challenge. We didn’t know neither who will win the game and it got more and more exciting at the end. Both of our trampolinists made it from 6,5 meters, 7 meters and 7,8 meters. So that they had to make the dunks from 7,8 meters till someone misses it. Who won the game? We will upload the video shortly!

The recordings took place in Cinecittá Studios which is the second biggest cinema studio in the world. Many world famous actors and actresses have visited this place such as Leonardo di Caprio, Bud Spenser, Terrence Hill and many others.

You can watch the video about our performance here.

Trampoline Gymnasts competing with each other

Trampoline Gymnasts from Lords of Gravity competing against each other on Red or Black? TV show

Tutto o Niente RAI1 con Lords of Gravity Trampoline Show

Tutto o Niente RAI1 con Lords of Gravity Trampoline Show